Batman: The Telltale Series Episode One: “Realm of Shadows” Review


Batman has had a stellar video game career this generation and last with the Arkham series as well as the burgeoning Injustice fighting series. Likewise, in that time we have seen Telltale Games go from making card games to story-driven, episodic adventures with writing on par with critically acclaimed television and films. Continue reading “Batman: The Telltale Series Episode One: “Realm of Shadows” Review”


Grow Up Review

When I first played Grow Home, I was pleasantly surprised how it surpassed the boundaries of traditional platforming with its unconventionally loose controls and non-linear (yet broad and open for exploring) setting for a game while still remaining fun with an endearing character. Grow Up has an increased scope compared to its predecessor while still retaining its captivating charm.

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This is the Police Review

This is the Police by developers Weappy is not an uplifting game, it deals with some very sordid police behaviour through the lens of a jaded, cynical police chief. The opening cinematic is reminiscent of that one tracking-shot from Goodfellas with a low-poly art style that displays this murky world and that of the people who live in it. It’s an enticing and stylish introduction that gets the player on the side of the protagonist/ chief of police, Jack Boyd, and quickly you identify the tropes and themes of noir crime stories where the hero is one person against an entire corrupted system seemingly out to get them. But for all its posturing on characters doing what it takes to beat the system, the gameplay itself does little to live up to the initial excitement for a fun, deeply-immersive cop game. Continue reading “This is the Police Review”

Just Cause 3 Review

Game franchises are a double edged sword. It’s great for players who enjoyed a certain game’s style and playability yet it creates a certain pressure on game developers to succeed on its older iterations and add something new and refreshing to the franchise lest it becomes stale and uninspiring, then they fail to live up to hype and expectations. I was reminded of this when I finally got the chance to reacquaint myself with Rico Rodriguez in Just Cause 3. Here, we see some welcoming updates to its formula with a new, more awesome way of maneuvering across a huge map with the wingsuit and next-gen hardware that has boosted its graphical and technical fidelity. The firefights and action you’ll experience in this game are beyond Rambo and this hectic, rambunctious chaos is still as entertaining as they previously were. However, old problems and new plague this game and is let down by clunky mission design, technical glitches and unsatisfying game mechanics inferior to its older sibling that sometimes detract from the fun you can have playing this game. Continue reading “Just Cause 3 Review”

Gone Home Review PS4

I am somewhat acquainted with first person exploration games where you delve deep into an eerie house or mansion where the supernatural and evil creepy things lay. There seemed to be a trend of them a few years ago on Flash games sites but it has been something that I have not explored since. Going into Gone Home, I experienced the same sense of anxiety I would normally feel playing that style of game however Fullbright games haven’t utilised these game mechanics for cheap, jump-scare reactions out of the gamer. No, Gone Home is nothing like this, instead it is a short, concise game with a strong narrative that garners a deep emotional response from the gamer as the story progresses. Continue reading “Gone Home Review PS4”

Games Writing 101: Intro to Weird Lifestyle Choices

Hello, and welcome to my blog! You can call me MonsterSprite I guess…? No that’s dumb, just call me Jack. That is my name and the first thing I was ever given I guess. Now that I’ve awkwardly introduced myself, here’s some more interesting things about me:

I’m a nostalgic person, some of my earliest memories were playing Pokémon on the Game Boy, where I would gather and train all sorts of two-dimensional monsters and pit them against other two-dimensional pocket monsters, hence the name MonsterSprite for this blog. I also really dig anything that can be be visually provocative or provide a profound, insightful experience which is why I love and play video games so much.

So that’s what I’ve dedicated myself to writing about here on this blog. You can expect weekly reviews every Friday, I’ve only started writing my opinions on games recently so they might be a bit wonky so apologies for any weirdness. The games covered will be a mixture of recent releases like Grow Up which came out this month and slightly older games that I only just got around to playing such as Gone Home on PS4. I’ll try and cover a broad range of different types of games from various genres as possible, from large AAA titles to smaller indie creations. Or anything interesting that strikes my fancy.

Besides that, it’s up in the air really. I haven’t fully decided what else I’ll be doing here and there’s still a lot of things I’m trying to get my head around such as getting to grips with WordPress, video editing software (I’m hoping to get some videos on here as well) and a million other software things. But I’m having fun in the meantime when I’m not working or being lazy, which is about 95% of my time spent on this planet.

When I’m not rambling about whatever games I’m currently playing, you can find me on Twitter by clicking the links at either the side of the page or at the bottom. Right now I’m not entirely certain about what the best way of contacting people could be or whether I should set up some email just for the site but I guess I’ll figure it all out when it’s up and running for a while.

Oh, and I have a dog, Polly, but I’m not sure there’s a place for any sort of cute animals on the internet.