Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 4: “Guardian of Gotham” PS4 Review

NOTE: I’ve previously written reviews for parts 1, 2 and 3.


Episode 3 was the standout success so far in the Batman Telltale Series with its gripping plot twists and the interesting directions of its storytelling that kept players interested. It left a lot of work for its follow up to continue the eventful story with intriguing details and twists while also come up with some answers as to how Bruce Wayne would get himself out of the perilous situation he found himself in after Lady Arkham’s identity reveal. The episode also features some interesting story choices that have some tangible consequences, new characters and some technical issues on PS4 that continue to plague the series. While some of these hamper the episode it still does enough to keep the player interested for the final confrontation between Batman and the Children of Arkham. Continue reading “Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 4: “Guardian of Gotham” PS4 Review”


Owlboy Review

Owlboy has an inviting array of many possibilities for the player. It can entreat them to a nostalgic exploration of bygone days of youth in a story about overcoming the odds and fighting the big bad in a fantastical story with outstanding, sparkling visuals to enrich the imagination. On an intrinsic, granular level, it connects deeply with a story deeply rooted in forging bonds with one another can have remarkable or deeply threatening affects on the world at large in a sprawling that touches the heart in many ways. There’s fun, engaging gameplay that’s one part unlocking the next path in complex areas of the world using an interesting buddy system combining different friends of our protagonist which then can also can be used in combat to defeat enemies or avoid perilous obstacles. Obsessive developers might talk about working on one small, specific detail of their games to make it “feel right” and I feel like this game, which its developers, D-Pad Studio, spent a lengthy time on showcases this high degree of polish in the game. All the core elements of its game work so well to make this game an intensely memorable experience that will inspire any gamer who comes across it. Continue reading “Owlboy Review”

Batman: The Telltale Series Episode Three: “New World Order” PS4 Review


Note: I’ve previously written reviews for episodes 1 and 2

Also this is your spoiler warning ❤

Telltale Games have upset the balance of power in Gotham with upending twists making this episodic story the best one yet of the series. Continue reading “Batman: The Telltale Series Episode Three: “New World Order” PS4 Review”

Jazzpunk: Director’s Cut PS4 Review

Well made videogames are largely structured methodically with a sense of logic by very technically sound and dedicated professionals who tinker obsessively over computer screens in order to perfect the mechanics of their developing games. Jazzpunk takes any sense of internal logic that suits this description of most good videogames, throws it out the window and still remains consistently enjoyable thanks to its nonsensical features. Jazzpunk is the bad guy in a play that poisons coherence’s ear and marries his wife, it proudly embraces following non-sequiturs with more non-sequiturs taking the player on a unique journey with a colourful visual style reminiscent of a bygone era of Cold War politics, espionage, fifties/sixties animation but winds around the carousel of the surreal. It’s a stylistic mishmash of exaggerated set pieces inspired by pop culture all abruptly smashed together in the form of simplistic mini games and interactions that are bizarre and at the same time comedic. Although it may be brief, the sheer amount of high-quality content and attention to detail on display makes the game a fulfilling experience and deserving the price tag it currently has. Continue reading “Jazzpunk: Director’s Cut PS4 Review”

Portal 2 Review

Portal 2 was originally released in 2011 for Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. This reviewer’s playthrough was on PC and mostly covers the single player campaign. Read my review for Portal here.

Continue reading “Portal 2 Review”