Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 2: “Children of Arkham” Review

Note: This is the second episode of the ongoing Telltale series. I previously reviewed episode one, “Realm of Shadows,” here.

Also please be advised, this is your SPOILER WARNING

In the first episode of the Batman Telltale Series, I saw some potential with its gorgeous visual storytelling that was emblematic of the Batman mythos despite some cookie-cutter plot elements and technical hick-ups. The gameplay was also entertaining as it switched dynamically between building story with well-written dialogue choices as Bruce Wayne and knocking out goons with quick time events and building/investigating cases as the Batman. Continue reading “Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 2: “Children of Arkham” Review”


Event[0] Review

AI has been popping up more and more in today’s computers. Apple has Siri, Microsoft has Cortana. People can chat online with the likes of Cleverbot or they could buy Pewdiepie’s newest game where he’ll respond to any questions you have. Besides that, I don’t think we’ve seen it done in a resounding way in a video game, that was until Event[0] by the Ocelot Society came out and exceeded my expectations with what you could do with really robust AI in a videogame. Continue reading “Event[0] Review”

Seasons After Fall Review

Seasons After Fall will make you feel like you’ve stepped into another world, one where the natural world is unaltered by human interference. There are rich, lush planes of forestry to observe as you glide past, immersing you as travel deeper into world. Plants move about on their own as if they are breathing, grass leaps in the air as you run through it. Branches and fungi serve a functional role too, being able to jump and climb on. Sometimes they are stumbling blocks, not straightforward, requiring the player to use their wits and abilities in order to unlock secrets of a deeply mystical world. There is a wider purpose to this, almost spiritual in a sense, for the protagonist that sometimes is hard to enjoy when you’re lost in the maze of branching paths and lack of guidance or overly conspicuous exposition. Continue reading “Seasons After Fall Review”

Batman: The Telltale Series Episode One: “Realm of Shadows” Review


Batman has had a stellar video game career this generation and last with the Arkham series as well as the burgeoning Injustice fighting series. Likewise, in that time we have seen Telltale Games go from making card games to story-driven, episodic adventures with writing on par with critically acclaimed television and films. Continue reading “Batman: The Telltale Series Episode One: “Realm of Shadows” Review”

Grow Up Review

When I first played Grow Home, I was pleasantly surprised how it surpassed the boundaries of traditional platforming with its unconventionally loose controls and non-linear (yet broad and open for exploring) setting for a game while still remaining fun with an endearing character. Grow Up has an increased scope compared to its predecessor while still retaining its captivating charm.

Continue reading “Grow Up Review”

This is the Police Review

This is the Police by developers Weappy is not an uplifting game, it deals with some very sordid police behaviour through the lens of a jaded, cynical police chief. The opening cinematic is reminiscent of that one tracking-shot from Goodfellas with a low-poly art style that displays this murky world and that of the people who live in it. It’s an enticing and stylish introduction that gets the player on the side of the protagonist/ chief of police, Jack Boyd, and quickly you identify the tropes and themes of noir crime stories where the hero is one person against an entire corrupted system seemingly out to get them. But for all its posturing on characters doing what it takes to beat the system, the gameplay itself does little to live up to the initial excitement for a fun, deeply-immersive cop game. Continue reading “This is the Police Review”